When a package boasts this box contains the company’s best selling male sex toy, you have to feel aroused. And sure enough, the astonishing Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit exceeds all masturbatory expectations.

Taunting you directly from it’s namesake, the Fleshlight from Interactive Life Forms dares you to “practice, and practice often… to turn ordinary masturbation into an intensely pleasurable training session.”

How long do you think you’ll last? That’s the challenge.

When you take the top off the Fleshlight and push your fingers inside to feel the texture, you instantly know you are going to cum quickly. And unless you are intensely sexually active, you don’t stand a chance to last very long.

This model featured a beautiful lady orifice, a soft and pink, shaved vagina. Kinda puffy, but in the best way. But if you don’t dig on white ladies, the included catalog offers all manner of colors and hole designs to take you wherever you need to be.

A water based lube is included and you don’t need much. A couple circles on the tip of your cock will easily put you inside. When you enter the supple and firmly squishy nubs and folds of the Fleshlight, it feels very much like a real pussy. A really tight pussy with a girl who knows her kegels.

The best thing about the Fleshlight is that it grabs you intensely upon entry, and will not easily let go unless you release the suction cap at the end. A quick twist gives you the instant option of making the pussy feel tighter or looser. It’s very fun.

This porta-pussy didn’t vibrate, which would be amazing. Instead, it quickly becomes obvious that twisting the handle while you thrust produces stunningly erogenous results. It’s also crazy fun to strap it to something stable with a belt or sash or duct tape to keep it in place and leave your hands free for whatever else.

It’s durable, so go for it.

Fleshlight recommend you run hot water through it before use to warm up the experience. While not necessary, it adds a strongly soothing sensation. And all you do to clean up is rinse with hot water, dry and put away. It’s easy.

If your unit is packed with a plastic rod in the middle, save it. It makes drying much easier, as you can use it to
push a towel through to the end.

There’s no fucking way to give the Stamina Fleshlight anything but 10 out of 10 orgasms. If you love masturbation, and want the surprisingly genuine feeling of a damn fine pussy, this is it!

Check out our Fleshlight unboxing video