The Jive stimulator from WeVibe is the brilliant culmination of a divine sci-fi fever dream wherein you control your lover’s stimulation through a handheld touch screen.

Discretion is key, and this naughty nub easily enters any orifice with a level of secrecy that will keep you buzzing all day. The Jive is egg shaped, about an inch in girth, with a long tail. It slips in very easily, and actually looks like a large spermatoa, so try to forget about that.

The end of the long tail has easily accessible controls to change modes, which is the moment of truth. What mode best suits you? Or is it modes? You or your lover(s) get to decide, and it’s a helluva lot of fun.

Quickly download the WeVibe We Connect mobile app and hold the primary button to connect a phone to the vibrator. Now your lover has master control of your ecstasy on a touch screen. No lover? No worries.

Connect your own phone to manipulate 10 different modes of pulsing and vibrating. Go slow and rhythmic, or switch modes into deeper and thicker undulations. You can manipulate each mode’s intensity with a screen swipe, and it’s fun to watch your lover squirm when you find just what they want.

The sleekness and variety of modes are the orgasmic smartness here. Whether in vaginal or anal entries, prepare to feel stimulated out of your mind when your pleasure is at your lover’s fingertips.

Clandestinely, it’s a little loud to use in a quiet public place, like a waiting room of church, but a noisy venue would be no worries.

The WeVibe Jive is very fun, when it works. It has a really cool magnetic USB charger that charges fast and lasts quite a while. The only drawback is the app. It connects easily but disconnects often. We tried it on numerous phones but couldn’t keep it connected for more than eight minutes. Hopefully a bug fix is in the works.

Check out our WeVibe Jive Stimulator unboxing video